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Signs Your Pet Is Ill

Being vigilant about the health and well-being of your furry friend is crucial for responsible pet ownership. Pets often cannot communicate when they feel unwell, so we must recognize changes Read More

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Good dental hygiene is a vital part of our pet’s healthcare routine. However, if overlooked, it can cause significant health complications. Therefore, seeing a veterinarian in Clifton for pet dental Read More

Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Sometimes, dog spay & neuter services are seen by most pet owners as unnecessary undertakings. Some pet owners may not understand the importance of this procedure. However, as you'll soon Read More

Flea & Tick Prevention

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks In Fairfax Station, VA, pets can get fleas and ticks, so it may be helpful to learn about parasite prevention from your our Read More

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Preparing for winter requires more than just preparing your home and vehicles. Do not forget to take care of your pets and prepare them for the chilly, cold, wintery weather Read More

Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets

Dental hygiene is vital for people and it is just as important for pets. Plaque and tartar can form on your pet’s teeth just like they do on yours, and Read More

Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

You probably have had several vaccinations in your life. Why have you been vaccinated? The simple answer is to build your immunity to fight disease-causing germs better. Dogs and cats Read More

Common Pet Health Problems

At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary services for pets in Fairfax Station, Clifton, Lorton, and the surrounding areas. Whether your pet has been in an accident and suffered injuries, Read More

Benefits of Boarding at an Animal Hospital

We know you love your pet, but at the same time, your pet simply cannot go with you on every single trip. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Read More

Questions to Ask Before Your Pet's Surgery

If you're in the Fairfax, Clifton, or Lorton area and considering pet surgery for your furry friend, you want to choose an animal hospital with years of training and experience. Read More

Pet Vaccinations FAQs

It is normal for pet owners to be concerned if vaccinations are safe and effective for their pets. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, we provide pets in Fairfax Station, Clifton, Lorton, Read More

What to Know When Boarding Your Pet

When you are searching for a pet boarding kennel, it is imperative to find a boarding kennel that is comfortable for both your pet and you. A good place to Read More

FAQs About Pet Dental Care

Maintaining a pet’s dental hygiene is a crucial aspect of its health care. However, pet owners often fail to realize how vital dental care is for their pets or notice Read More

When Is a Good Time to Vaccinate Your Pet?

Pet owners do everything they can to ensure their pets have a happy and healthy life. One of the best things you can do for your pets is ensuring they Read More

Pet Boarding: What to Know Before You Book

Preparing to Board Your Pet Leaving your pet while traveling can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to find a boarding facility that you trust. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, serving Clifton, Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet's Health

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet's Health This year when you are making your New Year's resolutions, think about making some for your pet's health as well. Your pets are cherished Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 17 posts


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