Pet Dental Care

Good dental hygiene is a vital part of our pet’s healthcare routine. However, if overlooked, it can cause significant health complications. Therefore, seeing a veterinarian in Clifton for pet dental care can help check for signs of periodontal disease and provide dental cleaning treatment. Crosspointe Animal Hospital veterinarians have provided pet health and dental care for clients in Fairfax Station, Clifton, and Lorton.

What Is Pet Dental Health? 

Like us, pets have dental issues, which can cause severe problems, including trouble eating and periodontal disease. In addition, if left untreated, the bacteria trapped in the gums of pets with periodontal disease could cause other serious complications for your pet, including heart, kidney, and other health-related issues.

Common signs your pet suffers from dental issues include bad breath, broken and loose teeth, teeth discolored or covered in tartar, trouble chewing, excessive drooling, reduced appetite, swelling around the mouth, and bleeding from the mouth.

When to See Our Veterinarian in Fairfax Station for Pet Dental Care? 

Your pet’s health is essential, and an annual dental check is recommended to see our veterinarian. Additionally, if you see too much tartar on your pet’s teeth or severe discoloration, it might be time to schedule a pet dental cleaning with a veterinarian in Fairfax Station.

Emergency pet dental care with an emergency vet may be necessary if your pet has broken teeth or red, swollen gums.

Schedule an Appointment Today with a Veterinarian in Clifton

Check with our veterinarian in Lorton to determine when your pet’s teeth are examined and if you need to schedule a dental cleaning. Call your local veterinarian in Fairfax Station if you need an emergency vet. Our veterinarians at Crosspointe Animal Hospital are dedicated to maintaining pet health. Call our office at (703) 690-6600 to schedule an appointment.