Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Sometimes, dog spay & neuter services are seen by most pet owners as unnecessary undertakings. Some pet owners may not understand the importance of this procedure. However, as you'll soon discover, these services have shown to provide a considerable number of benefits. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital serving Farifax Station, VA, we provide spaying and neutering with the hope of providing the following benefits.

Extend Pets Lifespan

A veterinarian in Clifton, VA, will help ensure that your pet lives a longer life by using spaying & neutering. The procedure entails removing the reproductive organs in both male and female animals. Doing so reduces the possibility of contracting certain cancers and infections, which would otherwise have been common in sexually active pets. A vet on our team can also ensure that your male dog is less likely to get hit by a car while running after a female in heat.

Reduce the Number of Homeless Animals

A veterinarian in Fairfax Station, VA, on our team can help play a vital role in reducing the number of homeless animals because spaying & neutering help to reduce the number of unwanted litters.

Make Pets More Affectionate

Discuss with a veterinarian in Lorton, VA, how to make your pet more affectionate with psaying and neutering. The procedure will help to lower the testosterone levels in male dogs and make them calmer and less aggressive. We can help ensure that the dog's behavior is improved, and they become less likely to roam. As a result, your pet can be more affectionate and loving.

Promote Pet's Health

Over the years, for cats, cat spay & neuter has shown that it suits the animal and the owner. The procedure helps in promoting your pet's health as it reduces the risk of developing certain cancers and infections. Cat Spay & Neuter can help save you money in the long run by preventing many costly diseases that your cat may otherwise get without this procedure

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