Pet owners do everything they can to ensure their pets have a happy and healthy life. One of the best things you can do for your pets is ensuring they are receiving recommended vaccines. It can be somewhat overwhelming for many owners to figure out when it's best to get their pets vaccinated. Crosspointe Animal Hospital, serving Fairfax, Clifton, and Lorton, is here to help. If you're wondering when to get your pets vaccinated, get the answer from our experts.

Understanding When to Vaccinate

Veterinarians agree that vaccines are beneficial at every life stage and year-round. The purpose of a vaccine is to prevent future diseases that can compromise your pets’ health. It's one of the most essential aspects of preventative medicine you can provide for your pets.

When Should Pets Start a Vaccination Schedule? 

Cats and dogs can start receiving their vaccines as early as 6-8 weeks of age. They will then receive a series of vaccines until they reach 16 weeks. Afterward, boosters are given to help keep the immune system prepared to fight disease.

Preventing Disease with Year-Round Vaccines

There are benefits to staying on a consistent vaccination schedule with your pets:

  • Certain diseases, like rabies, are fatal to cats and dogs, and they can pose a threat to humans.
  • Senior pets can be just as likely to pick up disease as puppies and kittens as their immune systems weaken.
  • Vaccines need boosters to renew their potency.

Contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital to Make a Vaccination Appointment

Pets under the care of our trusted veterinarian are far less likely to suffer from healthcare challenges. Vaccinations prevent illnesses and help your pet live a life without pain or discomfort. We're always available to answer questions you have regarding your pet receiving a vaccine. Our veterinary office provides various preventative care services, such as wellness exams, flea and tick prevention, and vaccinations. Call today for an appointment!