Vaccinating Your Pets

You probably have had several vaccinations in your life. Why have you been vaccinated? The simple answer is to build your immunity to fight disease-causing germs better. Dogs and cats also need immunization for the same reason you get vaccines — vaccination helps animals from getting sick. Do you want your pet to be vaccinated in Fairfax Station, VA? Book an appointment with us at Crosspointe Animal Hospital.

The Benefits of Vaccinating Your Pets

Are you hesitant to vaccinate your pet or dog? You may be putting your animal friend in jeopardy. Consider the following benefits of pet vaccination:

  • Protects the pet against diseases: Vaccinations work by raising the antibodies level in the body to build up strong immunity to fight off diseases. Simply put, when your cat or dog is vaccinated, it receives a disease-causing organism that raises the immunity level to fight infections in the future.
  • It may be mandatory: Many states require pets to be vaccinated against diseases like rabies. Also, if you want to pet board or visit a pet-friendly hotel, you may be required to show proof of vaccination.
  • Protect your family: Certain diseases like rabies can be transmitted from animals to humans. So, by vaccinating your pet, you can help keep your loved ones.
  • Saves money: If you compare the cost of vaccinations versus the cost of treating diseases like rabies, you are better off vaccinating your pet today.
  • Peace of mind: You always want the best for your pet and vaccinating them is one of the best ways to see your pet live a healthy, happy life. Instead of worrying every time your pet is outdoors, keep them vaccinated to prevent them from contracting infectious diseases.

Contact Us for More Information about Vaccines from Our Veterinary Team

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