At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary services for pets in Fairfax Station, Clifton, Lorton, and the surrounding areas. Whether your pet has been in an accident and suffered injuries, is lethargic, or you don't know what is causing your pet’s symptoms, we are ready to provide your furry friend with the care it deserves.

Common Pet Health Problems

Some common pet health problems come from your pet ingesting something it isn't supposed to. Ingesting food such as chocolate or grapes can be toxic to your dog, and requires emergency pet care. Pets can get into anything, and your pet may have an obstruction caused by something it ate. Your pet may also get into an accident requiring stitches, x-rays, or other medical interventions. If your pet's behavior suddenly changes, and it becomes lethargic, vomits, or shows signs of distress, urgent care is often needed to determine the source.

Your Pet's Health

Other common pet health problems include allergies, which will manifest with your pet scratching excessively, red eyes, and sneezing. Your pet can also get infested with fleas, get a tick bite, or get into a fight with a wild animal and need treatment. As a pet owner, it is important to get your pet the medical care it needs when it is injured or sick. Pay attention to your pet's behavior, and get the veterinary care your pet needs when you notice significant changes that are impacting your pet’s health.

Get Emergency Pet Care at Crosspointe Animal Hospital

When you need emergency pet care in Fairfax Station, Clifton, or Lorton, our veterinarians at Crosspointe Animal Hospital are ready to help. We provide urgent care and standard veterinary services for all of your pet's needs. Call our team today at (703) 690-6600 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form for non-emergencies.