Tips for Pets

Preparing for winter requires more than just preparing your home and vehicles. Do not forget to take care of your pets and prepare them for the chilly, cold, wintery weather with the help of the following cold weather tips for pets. Pets can suffer from hypothermia, dry skin, and injuries caused by frozen sidewalks. If you have questions about preparing your pet for winter, speak with a veterinarian in Fairfax Station, VA, with us at Crosspointe Animal Hospital.

Keep Pets Indoors

When it gets cold outside, it is best to keep your pets inside as much as possible. If you are cold out, so are they. Smaller dogs may need special attention during freezing weather when going outside or on walks because of how quickly they can become cold.

Provide Shelter for Your Pets

If your dog is outside, ensure adequate shelter for them, such as a dry, draft-free doghouse. Their shelter should be large enough for them to sit and lie down in it but small enough to help retain as much body heat as possible.

Pet Foot Care

Sidewalks may be covered in salt and other chemicals when cold weather occurs to help melt the ice and snow. Unfortunately, these chemicals can harm your pet’s feet. To take care of your dog’s paws, rub a wet towel on the bottom of their feet after going outside to remove any irritants. Also, look for any signs that your dogs may be uncomfortable walking out during winter. If your dog develops sores on the bottom of its paws, schedule an appointment to see a veterinarian in Fairfax Station, VA, at our animal hospital.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian in Fairfax Station at Our Animal Hospital

Prepare your pet for cold weather for their, and your, health and comfort. If you need help preparing your pet, talk with a veterinarian in Fairfax Station, VA, with us at Crosspointe Animal Hospital. Our veterinary staff can help you with tips and tricks to help keep your pets safe and healthy during colder months. Call us at (703) 690-6600.