New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet's Health

This year when you are making your New Year's resolutions, think about making some for your pet's health as well. Your pets are cherished members of your family. When you consider how important they are to your happiness, it becomes even more imperative to make sure they will enjoy the best possible health in the New Year. If you haven't considered pet microchipping in the past, make it a priority this year. If you live in Lorton, Clifton, Fairfax Station, or the surrounding area, contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment. Our caring staff including our veterinarian, Dr. Jerry, will make it a pleasant visit for you and your pets.

Weight Loss

It wouldn't be a New Year's resolution if weight loss wasn't part of it. Just like you, your pet needs to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight causes stress to the joints and can lead to other health issues including high blood pressure and kidney issues. Talk to our veterinarian about what a healthy weight is for your pet. Once you know how many pounds of excess weight you are dealing with, it will be easier to determine the best way to tackle the problem.


Special foods have been created for overweight pets. Pets can be quite finicky about their food and it may take a bit of trial and error to figure out which food they will eat. Watch the treats and avoid feeding people-food to your pet. Measure the amount of food your pet is getting, it is all about portion control and calories do count.


Exercise has a place in every person's and pet's life. It may be a bit more difficult with a cat, you have to work a little more to get it to exercise. Dogs are more apt to go for long walks with their owner and to play fetch. At Crosspointe Animal Hospital talk to Dr. Jerry to get some suggestions about increasing your pet's activity and about pet microchipping.

Keep Your Pet Healthy All Year Round

At Crosspointe Animal Hospital, we have Fear Free Initiative certified staff members to ensure your pet feels right at home while receiving quality veterinary care. If you live in or around Fairfax Station, Clifton, or Lorton, and you’re looking for a veterinarian to help keep your furry friend healthy, call us today at (703) 690-6600 to schedule an appointment.