Caring for a New Puppy or Kitten

Kisses, cuddles, and precocious tumbles are all of the wonderful parts of owning a new puppy or kitten. So are accidents on the rug, impromptu wake-ups for playing, and proper nutrition, but these are often overshadowed by the floppy ears and cute little tails. Caring for a new young pet is a big job, but the veterinarians at Crosspointe Animal Hospital in Fairfax Station, VA, have your back with food product knowledge, vaccinations, and anything else your furry little friend might need.

Puppies and Kittens Have Specific Needs

Although they will grow up to be dogs and cats, puppies and kittens need extra special attention, food, and care so they develop well.


Baby animals require food that has different nutritional content to help them grow. Additionally, adult pet food can be hard on their little stomachs, so always opt for the puppy or kitten chow. It's also not recommended that you switch back and forth from wet to dry food. Pick one only, and if you choose dry food, opt for one that has meat as the main ingredient.


Kittens and puppies will want to be with you more than anything else, so you need to be ready to have a constant companion everywhere you go. Whether they're wanting to go outside, chewing on your pajama pants, or wanting to play, these little balls of energy require a lot of attention.

It's also critical that you keep cords and other enticing yet chewable stuff out of their reach. Little dogs and cats love to chew just like human babies, and as a result, many cellphone chargers have been ruined by their adorable little mouths.

Veterinary Care

Your kitten or puppy will need regular vaccinations starting from around six weeks old. You'll also want to get them spayed or neutered, and in general, get them used to visits with a veterinarian. Early socialization is essential to a happy cat or dog.

Healthy Pets for Life

Starting your kitten or puppy down the path to good health and positive socialization starts with quality veterinary services. If you live in Fairfax Station, Clifton, Lorton, or the surrounding area, call (703) 690-6600 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians at Crosspointe Animal Hospital. Together we can make sure your furry little friend lives a long and healthy life.